SMT Assembly

SMT screen printers with robust engineering & award winning technology. Provides flexibility & value.

Extremely flexible P&P equipment for Med-Hi Vol. and Hi-Mix PCB assembly. 5 service awards, 5yr. warranty, High feeder count (264), 10 sec. load feeders, Accurate/fast electrical test. Component Storage Towers.

Automated dispensing and jetting machines for adhesives, underÔ¨Ālls and conformal coatings. UV cure ovens and IR ovens.

Technologically advanced AOI and SPI Inspection Systems. 2D/3D Inspection Technology. In-line AOI Systems, Desk Top AOI Systems, and In-line SPI Systems.

Advanced line of solder assembly materials with excellent wetting and superior results. Liquid Flux, Solder Paste, wire solder, bar solder, epoxies, underfills, and more.

BGA & SMD repair equipment with closed loop features for high reliability. Thru hole rework using proven solder fountains.

Red-E-Set PCB support tooling for screen printing, placement, and AOI machines for better yields.

Quick Turn stencils with superior paste release, wave solder pallets, tooling, test fixtures, and feeder carts.